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Elementary Chart Explanation

Here we are presenting the most essential visual help for learning the principles of the teaching of the Messiah.  This will reveal the the structure and use of bible knowledge as it pertains to the three witnesses of Yahweh in the earth plane--the spirit, the water, and the blood.   Without this knowledge it is absolutely impossible to understand the purpose of Yahweh's thoughts and actions as recorded in the scritptures.  

And please keep in mind that everything we are telling you is recorded in the scriptures.  But chapter and verse are not presented here in order to maximize clarity and ease of assimilating the information.  In the classroom settings scripture investigations will be very extensive, providing full support for what we are showing you. 

This chart is a copy of the original Elementary Chart that was painted on a bed sheet over fifty years ago.  That was when the founder of the institute for teaching this knowledge first began to share with others the knowledge of his vision and encounter with the Creator.  He was not able to begin teaching until he had visual illustrations to complement what he was saying.  

This is the full view of the Elementary Chart


Please devote much time in seeing how the elementary chart is constructed based on the diagram presented below.  

NOTE:  For a presentation and detailed description of this chart please click here " TEXT " or go to the link listed below.


The Basic Principles of the Doctrine of the Messiah

On this chart is illustrated the principles that must be learned in order to have a correct foundation for understanding THE WAY to perfection according to the Creator and His purpose.  Please be aware that what I am telling you is in strict accord with the knowledge recorded in the scriptures.  There is no interpretation; instead there is a careful following of the instructions given to us by the Creator.  This you will come to know for yourself as we progress into this knowledge.

Moses atop Mount Sinai while see the Vision.

The above close up depicts Moses having the vision atop of Mount Sinai in Arabia as recorded in the Bible.
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We believe you will find it is worth your time to really get to know how to interact with the knowledge illustrated on this chart.  As you experience other materials and attend classroom sessions this foundation will become extremely helpful.