This introduction was written by a licensed medical physician,
Dr Robert Harris MD.



I am sincerely and whole heartedly endeavoring in the volume entitled, Whose Builder and Maker is Elohim, to impart to the reader just what has been revealed to me concerning how man is made in the likeness and image of Elohim to the extent that he will become intimately knowledgeable of his inseparateness from Elohim. I am presenting the incontestable Truth and Facts in as simple a form as I possibly can, so that there can be no stumbling block to one’s arriving at a profound knowledge of himself and his Eternal Creator after whose image and likeness he is made, according to the Three- fold Archetypal Pattern. I honestly do not know of another work of this sort that can be found in any library or any center of higher learning or any ecclesiastical institution in the world.

My knowledge and understanding of the Truth herein presented began in the year 1957 AFTER I had attended courses conducted by Dr. Henry C. Kinley, who so avidly and steadfastly acclaims that he had a Divine vision and revelation in the year 1931, and has proved it to my satisfaction and others in that we now know and understand in part what he SAW and HEARD. From the very beginning of my association with Dr. Kinley, I was made to see the perfection of his discourse of how man is made in the likeness and image of Elohim. And my knowledge of the anatomy and physiology which I had previously attained at Meharry Medical College (1941-1945) placed me in a position to further understand more of this knowledge as Elohim would reveal it unto me. I soon learned that patience had to be exercised on my part for I could not “strain” upon these revelations as if I were wresting knowledge from Elohim, and this made me know that such revelations were not coming of my own power and volition but straight from the “Revealer of Secrets” who is Yahweh-Elohim. This further served to humble me and to deflate MY ego for the arduous task ahead of teaching others with all due meekness, the things which had been shown to me.

There seems to be no end of the multitude of revelations of the oneness of Yahweh and man, which Yahweh has so generously imparted unto us. And I am convinced that the subject can never be completely exhausted. Accordingly, I am presenting just a few of the more specific and polytechnical correlations, and covering the subject matter broadly in order to get the whole picture over to the reader. I have studiously and religiously applied myself in the past ten years to further understand this great Divine-inspired teaching and the more I have comprehended, the more like a babe I have felt, but this is understandable when I realize that the subject of my research is Yahweh who is infinite and all encompassing.

I would not want the reader to take lightly and casually what he reads in this treatise for I have found that it packs all the Power that is necessary to transform a man’s mind from the darkness of despair, damnation and hell into the marvelous Light of the knowledge of Yahweh which is salvation and Eternal Life. I have experienced the Power that is latent in man, as a result of being knowledgeable of the herein stated facts, and I am thoroughly convinced that it is the panacea or cure for all of man’s ills, not barring penicillin or other antibiotics, tranquilizers or what have you.

My role as a physician in the world has been greatly enhanced by the knowledge which I have obtained through this teaching and if every doctor in the world could know these facts and impart an understanding of them to his patients, I am profoundly sure that a great deal of human suffering could be eliminated. Whereas the medical profession is winning the battle against physical ills of all sorts, it is losing the battle against psychological or spiritual ills; and it has become increasingly evident that man’s mind needs an over- hauling. There is no “Balm in Gilead” to heal a sin-sick soul other than this great and wonderful teaching which gives man new Hope through a knowledge that he is the offspring of Yahweh, and that He has painstakingly provided a Haven of Rest for the burdened and weary Earth traveler.

My mind often turns to the great physician, Luke, who was a companion of the Apostle Paul, and I think of the blessedness which came to him, and how he unselfishly gave of his time and physical efforts to impart his knowledge to others. Although he did not go into as much polytechnical detail as we have included in this treatise, he certainly was knowledgeable of this great Truth, and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that man is just another walking physical tabernacle with the great Spirit of Yahweh abiding therein, and that it is just a matter of whether one knows this or not. To know this is Life Eternal, and to not know it is Eternal Damnation.

Everything that will be presented in this discourse will follow and correlate with the simple Three- fold Pattern of the Tabernacle

which Yahweh showed Moses in Mount Sinai in a vision in 1490 B.Y. (before Yahshua the Messiah), and which Moses and the Israelites later constructed in material form in the Wilderness of Sinai. The Three-fold Migratory Pattern which is explained elsewhere in this book will also be used in correlative fashion with the physical body, and Solomon’s Temple, a three-fold structure will also be likened unto the physical body. It will behoove the reader to assiduously try to understand each correlative point before proceeding on to the next, and this will greatly enhance his chances of receiving a thorough knowledge and understanding of what is written.
Furthermore, we would admonish the reader that the visible things of this material and physical creation are only types and shadows of the invisible or spiritual creation (Romans 1:19-20); and the goal which we are truly seeking in this treatise, is to know Yahweh, who is spirit, as He truly is, and as He actually exists.