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A Promise had been given to Abraham first

and then twice more to his sons, Isaac and Jacob.  Three times made it a confirmed oath, but the formal validation occurred when Yahweh showed this to Moses in the vision atop of Mount Sinai, and then had him to record it in writing.  This made it a binding commitment on Yahweh to perform what He had promised.

The promise to Abraham was in two parts: one was regarding the many nations that would come from his loins, and the other was that all of mankind would be blessed in him and through him.  That meant that when Yahweh formally married Himself to the assembly of Israelites at Mount Sinai, and they said, "WE WILL!," to obeying the Law that was spoken from the mount and recorded in writing; then Yahweh was committed to being a faithful husband to His wife (the nation of Israel).

But Israel committed adultery, and constantly went whoring around with other elohims (gods or dieties), so Yahweh eventually divorced Israel.  We know that according to the Law of Moses, a Man could only divorce his wife if she commented adultery.  Yet afterwards, Yahweh recanted or disannulled the divorce, because He was a faithful husband who truly loved His wife and in the law there was a way for the husband to free his wife from the vow she could not fulfill. Therefore in the body of His son, Yahshua, He came to earth in the likeness of sinful flesh.  

Why? Because Israel, His wife, had made a marriage vow, but she could not keep it.  The ordinance of this Marriage Vow is recorded in the book of Leviticus, and it states that the husband must, himself, keep the vow that his wife could not keep.  

Also in the same law it is written that there can be no redemption with out the shedding of sacrificial blood.  Therefore an innocent or sinless physical animal must die in the place of the person or persons who have committed the sin or sins.  Therefore the messiah (the lamb of Yahweh) had to come to earth and be offered up according to what was written.

This means that Yahweh, being the husband of Israel, had to fulfill her vow so that she could be redeemed from her vow.  He would also have to die, so that the sin of Adam and the sins of all his generations after him could be redeemed from death and the grave. That meant that Yahweh (pure Spirit) had to have a physical body.  So He formed a spirit body He called Elohim (His only begotten son) and then (according to prophecy) He, Yahweh-Elohim, formed a physical body within the womb of Mary (the virgin) and was born into the physical world as the Messiah.  


This situation set the stage for fulfilling the law and the prophesies.  Since all of this is according to the Eternal Purpose of Yahweh, a Lamb was prepared and crucified before the foundation of the world.  That means that in the mind of Yahweh there was already a sacrifice determined; but Yahweh is pure spirit without any shape or form, and His only begotten son, His express image [Elohim], was a spiritual being without flesh and blood.  

Therefore that spiritual son had to take on a much lesser state of being or embodiment of a fleshly man. Remember, Saul wrote that Yahweh was in Yahshua reconciling the world back unto Himself.  So Yahweh, by His unlimited power was able to appear in the likeness of sinful flesh, he was able to fulfill the physical righteousness of the law.  Remember, the messiah had to be the sacrifice because only his innocent blood would redeem both Adam and all of mankind from the penalty of sin (remember Adam's sin?).  His crucifixion also made salvation available for all souls born into the world after the day of Pentecost. 

Now we can see why the Holy Spirit moved the prophets to prophesy of a coming Messiah.  And it must also be understood that the oath that Yahweh swore by His own name was the same as a "Will," because the law states that the one who makes the Will must first die before the Will can come into effect.  And the Law further states that there is no remission of sin unless there is blood from an acceptable sacrifice.

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