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Update April 10, 2015

We are now on the pathway with Moses heading back down into Egypt.  This journey is important because it is a pattern of HOW Yahweh is systematically and strategically working with Moses to establish The WAY for all people to learn of Him, YAHWEH.  No one's opinion matters, because Yahweh is doing this His way.  He is instituting the pattern, standards and percepts that will be used in all the writings of the prophets and the apostles.  Even the whole life of the Messiah is determined by the way Yahweh is doing this. And if you have been following along with us by reading this trilogy materials (The Door - Door Way - The Way) and related articles, then you should little difficulty in walking with us and learning HOW to understand the hidden wisdom of Yahweh, and then HOW to unlock the mysteries of the holy writings.  Just start next door where it says, Hello There!

UPDATE December 15, 2014. We do not have the use of our design computer and we lost one hundred days of material stored on our External Hard drive. But we have a PC replacement that will have do serve for now.  We currently have no funds to pay for the needed repairs and recover the backup information.  We are open for any volunteered help or donations.  Just contact us by email if you are interested.
TEMPORARILY OUT OF ACTION, October 1, 2014.  Our main design computer has stop operating, and access to our back up system is compromised.  Diagnosis is that we can reinstall the operating system after we get the files extracted from the computer. This is important because our most recent material was not  saved externally.  So please be patient.  We are waiting for Heavenly assistance regarding funds. 
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Hello there! 
It's March 31, Tuesday, 2015.  Let's continue on our journey into the true knowledge of the Creator--"the good way."  I know things have been kind of crazy, but if you are serious about learning you will see and understand once we get to the mountain.  The mountain?  Yes.  Just one more quick stop and we will be on the right path spoken of by the prophet, Jeremiah. . .

Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. 

Jeremiah 6:16K (KJV)





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