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Morning Session

Essay #1 (3 sessions: Morning, Afternoon, Evening)
The Eternal Purpose of GOD
Introduction to Learning

 Hello folks, I'm Hoshea Love your spokesperson and it is my special pleasure this morning to bring to you this presentation.  It has been prepared as a three part orientation for what is taught here at this university.

In your program you will notice that the three parts are noted in the outline as a
  1. Morning Session
  2. Afternoon Session
  3. Evening Session
so that your program serves as a brief overview of what will be taught in great depth in our learning sessions at this Virtual University.  

Now I would like for you to sit back, relax and listen carefully to what will be expressed.  Our intention is for these three sessions to be a free flow of information; therefore at this time only the necessary scriptures will be quoted to provide clues as to how they support what is being said. 

A greater re-examination of the bible and more extensive proof will be dealt with in the classes I mentioned.  That is when tedious investigation and many bible references will be presented and scrutinized.  In those classes there will be a demonstration of HOW the sacred scriptures are infallible, accurate and unerring, because we are using the divine pattern of the universe, the one that is detailed in the books of Moses.  And we will explain that exceptionally unique phenomenon more fully as we continue our presentation.

Whether you are a non-believer or believer, it makes no difference, because whatever is said here today is of no real value unless it can be validated and proven. And I am here to tell you that anything concerning the true Creator can be proven. And our intention is to show you that it is a matter of scientific fact, especially when the creation itself, your mind and body and the scriptures in the bible are the source of information. Therefore, it would be fair to say, we are assembled here in preparation to know the thoughts and ways of our Creator. 

I imagine that most of you probably might have said, the ways of "the LORD" or of "God;" so we will have some scripture presented during this talk in order to identify more correctly who we are talking about.  This is important because we know that Lord and God are titles and not personal names.  If we actually know and remember what is written in the bible, that will help us learn how to correctly examine and re-investigate the scriptures according to the One who actually caused them to be written, the Holy Spirit.

Remember, I said at the beginning, these things can be " Proven."  The apostle Saul told his students to "Prove all things.  Hold fast that which is good, and abstain from all appearance of evil" (1 Thessalonians 5:21-22, KJV). And he also wrote, "What may be know of God was shown to them, God's power and heavenly nature, so they are without any excuse (Romans 1:19-20).  
I highly recommend that we keep these words in mind:  what, where, when, who, why, and how; because they will be of great value as we entertain questions concerning what is written. 

Now the Spirit of Wisdom operating in King Solomon, as recorded in the scriptures, prompted him to express these questions:

Who hath ascended up into heaven, or descended? 

who has gathered the wind in his fists? 

who has bound the waters in a garment? 

who has established all the ends of the earth? 

what is his name, and what is his son's name, 

if you can tell it?
(Proverbs 30:3-5,KJV)


I am the Lord; that is my name;

my glory I give to no other,

nor my praise to carved idols.

Isaiah 42:8 (ESV)


Since we will be talking about an Eternal Spirit, who calls Himself by the name, Yahweh, we must first clarify

  • who we are talking about and
  • what we are talking about and
  • why we are talking about Him. 


To do this, let's re-examine the knowledge preserved and contained in the Holy Bible.  We shall stay within that holy environment; because that is where all necessary information is recorded, divine principles are demonstrated and evidence is present that will help us to accurately know about our Creator and His purpose.  It is good for us to realize that those ancient writings were recorded by holy men who were chosen by God and given this knowledge through visions and dreams.

That brings to mind this question:  Why must we look to the Holy Bible? 


 "The Bible"


Do you know the meaning of the following expression ?

Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,)

to do thy will, O Yahweh.

Hebrews 10:6-8


Did you know that the name "Yahweh"
appears almost 7000 times in the original
sacred ancient Hebrew writings?

CLICK: Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. 1 Thessalonians 5:21

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