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January-December 2009

A cloud has no particular shape or form
Yahweh is not a cloud, but He chose a cloud to symbolize Himself.

Feature Article:

The Bible and One Man

the Bible

With so many religious, philosophical, and wisdom teaching in the world today, and so much dissension and opposition among the Christian denominations, we find it unprofitable to discuss or focus on what others are saying and teaching. Therefore our intention here at this school is only to expose you to the way of unadulterated truth, and the process that would cause you to know what is really true.  

No matter what you currently think, know, and believe; it is vitally important for you to know for yourself the truth of Yahweh; BECAUSE HE IS THE SOURCE AND SUBSTANCE OF ALL THINGS, EVEN OUR LIFE--INDIVIDUALLY.

As it is recorded in the scriptures, Yahweh introduced Himself to Moses and the Israelites the way that He did to show them, and to have them experience who He is, and His sovereign power over everything in heaven and in the earth.  At that time they were in bondage to the Egyptians, but Yahweh-Elohim appeared to Moses in a vision; and sent him back down into Egypt to lead his people out of intense slavery.  Then later He appeared as a spiritual image also to the 70 elders of Israel in a vision.  

All of this is recorded in the  scriptures as a testimony and witness to the presence of Yahweh in the affairs of mankind.  Such specific incidences are referred to as "Dispensations."  These despensational periods along with others, as presented in the sacred writings, is a foundational basis for our learning and developing a proper respect for our CREATOR, Yahweh-Elohim.  He had the bible assembled and published, so that there is a witness in the world to His existence.  And it is a testimony to who HE really is, so that we may learn of HIS purpose for our existence here on earth.  

No other group of writings in the world is like the bible, BECAUSE ONLY the Holy Bible presents concrete evidence. We are not speaking as a religious group, but as a school.  And we show how the bible is organized and written in such a way that it reveals the thoughts, intentions, and descriptions of HOW Yahweh has been working among human kind by a PATTERN down through the ages and dispensations, towards accomplishing a specific Eternal Purpose.  And this is done in very systematic and organized way.  Yahweh alone has authored and preserved these writings for human kind; as a basis for divine instruction. 

According to the words of Yahweh and what He has demonstrated; no other collection of writings in the world are authorized by Him as these are.

" One Man "

In the Eyes of the Beholder

A profound statement with vast proportions

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A Special Note to the Reader:

In these articles many scriptures will not be quoted, because we want you to experience AN UNINTERRUPTED flow of thought, SO YOU MAY CLEARLY HEAR what is being said without the distraction. 

Afterwards in a classroom setting, these subjects will be revisited and thoroughly reviewed.  At that time all scripture support will be quoted to bring to your attention what is actually written in the scriptures.  And we are doing this becauwe there is an unerring accuracy and an infalliblity to the scritptures that few really know how to access.  Such knowledge and ability would clearly show that what is recorded in the bible has great authenticity.

The creation and your physical body and mind clearly give witness and testimony to the existence of Yahweh and His purpose and plan, so that must be correctly re-searched and re-investigated.   Just like our physical bodies, the creation is also structured by a divine pattern, and all the workings inside of it are divinely arranged and function by a pattern principle.

Instead of a Dream,we speak of the Vision. With that knowledge, one’s destiny is fulfilled; and the light of true understanding embraces the child within.  

Immortality is a spiritual reality, a divine promise to be inherited.  

This is what Yahweh has decreed.


     "Righteousness Peace in Yahshua"
For the kingdom of Yahweh is not meat and drink;
but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. 
Romans 14:17
The reality of this kingdom
does not come as a religious system or church traditions,
but it is a reality according to accurate knowledge and a true understanding
of the purpose and meaning of life.