The Good News Journal #1

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Page 6

Comments from our University Director:
(written in 2010)

As you can see we are a work in progress.  And, as you may be aware, we have chosen to share with you the process and progress of developing this Virtual University Campus.  

We hope this will add a unique and meaningful quality to your experience in visiting our learning environment.  This activity of building and growing is much like that of a student as he or she is learning and developing.  

Please, take your time and look around.   As is normal, and as to be expected in this earthly life, things do not always go as expected; but all important things and events will be accomplished in their own proper time..

And, as always, we really appreciate your presence with us, and we truly hope you will decide to sincerely study with us.  No matter what your status is in this life, or how much you know or don't know, you are welcome here.

We believe that what we have to share can be beneficial to anyone who truly desires to know the full meaning of life.  Of course, we mean from the Creator's point of view; because as we have learned, His perspective is the only one that endures detailed investigation and the test of time.


Much still remains to be done.

     "Righteousness Peace in Yahshua"
For the kingdom of Yahweh is not meat and drink;
but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. 
Romans 14:17
The reality of this kingdom
does not come as a religious system or church traditions,
but it is a reality according to accurate knowledge and a true understanding
of the purpose and meaning of life.