The Good News Journal #1

The knowledge of the Truth
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The Knowledge Of The Truth Of Yahweh
A Special Gift From Yahweh
The Life Set Apart

The knowledge of the Truth of Yahweh is free to all who would partake of it.  This is like a wedding feast for those who are invited.  You are here because Yahweh has invited you, and at this point you are free to stay or to leave.  

The consequences are yours no matter which way you choose.  Yahweh has determined the fate of each of us, but we do not know until we have learned of the Messiah and the purpose of Yahweh or we have rejected His words.  Either way one reward is life eternal, and the other reward is eternal damnation.  It is interesting to note that a special body is prepared for both rewards. 

No matter who you are, when or where you were born, or how much you know or don't know about Yahweh, you are included in His purpose.  It was His love for you that caused you to be born.  If you are reading or hearing these words, then you have been given a special gift from Yahweh:  the possibility to inherit life eternal.  BUT, like any gift that is given, the receiver must reach out and grasp the gift, and then open it and use it as intended.   That is when the blessing is fulfilled or completed.

Yahweh is merciful and just; so that no one is outside of His righteous judgement.  And
the only way to know and understand these things is to learn of Yahshua according to the scriptures.  This is 2010, and what we are saying here is very relevant to these times.  The choice is ours, but we cannot have both worlds--it is either the physical world or the spiritual world--we will choose, like it or not--we will choose.  To be neutral or none committed, that is a choice.

This university is here to help you find and know Yahweh for yourself, as He truly is and actual exists.  




THERE COMES A TIME when a person must cease from looking and searching for the best, the American Dream, or the fountain of Youth.  This is what I have found to be true and a verifiable reality: he or she must become established in the foundation of truth, and experience the enlightenment that arises when one learns the way of peace and joy in the life set apart.  These words are true words for me, because I have lived them and I am now still living them, that is why I am sharing these thoughts with you.  I want nothing from you.  My hope is that you will truthfully want a true and constant peace for yourself, that is, unless you have already attained what I am talking about.  My brother and sister, or possibly a sibling to be, my hope is that all your days become beautiful or more beautiful and fulfilled according to the purpose and plan of our Creator.  Thoughts from 2008

     "Righteousness Peace in Yahshua"
For the kingdom of Yahweh is not meat and drink;
but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. 
Romans 14:17
The reality of this kingdom
does not come as a religious system or church traditions,
but it is a reality according to accurate knowledge and a true understanding
of the purpose and meaning of life.