3 Questions
The Bible
Essay 1

The Good News Journal # 2


1.  Why is the bible so hard to understand?

Because the people have not been taught or have not learned the way of the principle of unity, in other words the principle of three as it is revealed and demonstrated in the tabernacle pattern.  The bible is in three parts: the law of Moses and the testimony of the prophets, plus the fulfilment.  Those three parts are related and function according to the structure, function and operation of the Tabernacle pattern as described and set up and used in the wilderness by Moses and the children of Israel as commanded by Yahweh. 

2.  Why did the Creator make His purpose a mystery?

So that when the prophesied time was right, He could reveal his mystery to those who would listen and believe "the report."  In this way only those who would do his will, according to the report, can receive His gift of eternal life.  But all human creatures will not believe His report.  Many are being influenced to oppose the righteousness of Yahweh and reject the understanding of the report preserved in the Holy Bible.  By listening to the thoughts of foolishness and rebellion they will bring upon themselves the wrath of Yahweh.  Instead of the joy of eternal life, they will receive eternal destruction; because they have rejected the love and Truth of their creator.

3.  Why did the Creator have such a purpose and create this condition?

It simply pleased the Creator to choose this way to reveal His great power, make His name known and prepared the riches of His kingdom for His sons to enjoy .  But only those who become members of the body of His son, Yahshua, the  spiritual congregation of Yahweh, will know and truly understand how and why Yahshua is "the way, truth, and the life."  His way of teaching, and process of learning, separates the converted souls from the souls not converted.  All of us have been born into this creation that we might learn of His great power and wisdom and loving kindness.  But those of us who have been drawn into this teaching have been shown how this creation and the lives we live are important in the process of learning about our creator and His son Yahshua.

It pleased Yahweh to do this; and the results are that He will enjoy eternity with the sons He has created through the unfolding and operation of His purpose--converting souls. He has preserved the knowledge for us, and sent us apostles to show us how to understand and prove what is true.  This is the way that Yahweh shows the power of His mercy and also reveals His wrath.  In the end, all of His righteous angels and converted souls (sons) will be gathered together into one kingdom of spiritual beings.  And the great love of Yahweh will be fully made known to all His loved ones as they enjoy the riches of the kingdom of Yahweh.

These thoughts are presented for you to think about, and to carefully follow the flow of thought:  that is why there is no attempt made here to prove any statement that is made.

It is vitally important that we begin to have some clear direction in our thinking, and to establish a good foundation for our reasoning.


Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.

Isaiah 55:1-3