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Seventy years old

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I'm Seventy years old, and still going.

  (one full week of natural life)

It is a gift. It was that way from the beginning. 

Consider this.  In the process of pro-creating, a male provides his half of the life substance to a female who contributes the other half. It is within this spermatogenic mixture that purpose ignites a dynamic process:  Conception, and a predetermined creation process. 


At first there was a mysterious flash as the sperm gave up its power system as it plunged into and was swallowed up by the female ovum.  But that flash, a spark of life, was not seen; and most times it is not even felt the woman.  That event is much like a death and burial for the sperm, because within the ovum the male genes become fused with the female genes as they begin that mystical maturation dance of generating a new life form. And at the end of days, that works towards a resurrection or newness of life. 

It was in this phenomenon of conception that purpose began transforming itself into a unique physical embodiment.  In the depth of the female body, the power of creation is once again expressing itself.  And during a very short space of nine months, that's three trimesters or about 40 weeks, purpose and intent give structure, shape and form to earthly nutrients. Then at the appointed time, this newness of life is cast out into this world: a resurrection, a new beginning, an image that reflects its divine origin. Then a breath of air gives rise to an enlivened soul. 


What a stupendous and phenomenal event.


Think deeply about what has transpired. 


From a union of substances merges a complex and integrated assortment of molecules, tissue, bones, organs, and systems to produce a creature destined to be self mobile and independent: an information processing and decision making member of human society.  Amazing--Yes?


And today there are over six billion of such beings, diverse, yet the same. 


I am one of them, and that does cause me to be very, very, very humble in my consideration of life.  That is why I say, "It is truly, a gift."

This life, and living, have really been a wonder, and a puzzlement to me.  It has caused me to have many inquiring thoughts and to wonder about many things.  In the innocence of my youth, I embraced the natural world around me.  Its wonders, its wisdom, intelligence, and its mystery caused  my mind to be constantly prodded by questions. 

In my teen years, I used to wonder why a person was born, and then, to die.  In between birth and death, a person goes through so much stuff.  So, why is it this way?   People said to me or taught me things that seemed to be contradicted by what I actually saw and observed.  Humans particularly, seemed very strange to me because of what they said in contrast to what they did.   In fact, there was a period of time when I found more sanity in the natural world, than in the society of people.


I had most of the things I wanted in my childhood years. I was blessed as a kid, and had the freedom to do most of what I wanted to do.  We lived in a rural area, and for about thirty years that was the hub of my world.  At the early age of 13, I began to drive a car--not far, about a mile to the dairy and then directly back home.  At fifteen and a half I got my first driver's license, and that same day I hit the road big time. 


What I mean is, I drove my mother to the big city, L. A., about seventy-five miles one way.  And from then on I drove to every other city within a hundred miles of home.   To me that was like just going down the street a piece, because I liked. . .no, I loved to drive.  I was good at it, fast, but very defensive.  That was my way, and also my freedom to see what other people did, how they thought and how they lived.  


In my travels, I observed and conversed with many, many people of all types, cultures and stations in life.  Driving gave me thinking time, too; so I thought about everything.  I thought a lot about how things go together, about opinions and speculations; and I thought especially consequences. That's was what caused me to have an endless stream of questions

I did get quite a few answers, but those answers also generated more questions.  And, ultimately the questions about “WHY” life is the way it is.   I found knowledge to be important, wisdom to be a blessing, and understanding to be a very elusive necessity.  That is what got me started and focused on investigating and learning about what is behind what people think, believe, and do.  I realized I was a "People," too.  That is when my life shifted gears, so to speak, and all hell broke loose. You talk about a roller coaster ride.



Well, that change of focus consumed a good fifty years of my life. That is why I now say, at seventy years of age, I have entered into my rest.  I have completed my week of sweat and toil, laughter and tears, sorrow and agony, joy and satisfaction.  And now I rest, having found that "Pearl in the field."  What I mean by that reference to a biblical parable, is that I have been given the best gift of all, another free gift.  I gift that I in no way deserve. No part of it came as a result of my own efforts.  Like I said at the beginning of this writing:  “It is a gift…….”


It was not my intention to make this writing to be a riddle or like a parable.  So I must tell you what the gift is.  This gift is very unique.  It is “Understanding.”  


Now the question aught to be, What kind of understanding? And what makes it so special?  And How can you be so confident—for sure? well, that is truly another story.




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