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1.....The ELOHIM Textbook - Volume 1

2.....The ELOHIM Textbook - Volume 2

3.....The ELOHIM Textbook - Volume 3

4.....The ELOHIM Textbook - Volume 4

Taken from Volume I: INTRODUCTION

This TEXTBOOK is entitled:
"Elohim The Archetype (Original) Pattern Of The Universe.” 

It is written and composed of four volumes, titled:  
I    Elohim The Archetype (Original) Pattern Of The Universe
II   The Prophetic Birth And Mission Of John The Baptist And Yahshua The Messiah  
III  Whose Builder And Maker Is Elohim
IV  The Mystery Of Yahweh -10:7, Ephesians 3:3-5
     The Mystery Of Iniquity - 2 Thessalonians 2:7  
     The Mark Of The Beast - Revelation Revelation 17:5
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The sum total of these written volumes, expresses my true revealed “UNDERSTANDING” of Yahweh- Elohim and the Creation as it is recorded in the Holy Bible, and in reference to Yahshua the Messiah, the true “SON OF YAHWEH,” and Satan, or the Anti-Messiah, the true “SON OF PERDITION.” Yet, this understanding is not of my own private and independently conceived imagination.

 In the month of June and year of 1931, I, Henry Clifford Kinley, was caused to behold a great Panoramic Vision, and on the same day I also in turn received the Divine Revelation of Spiritual meaning of the Vision. It is this simplified Panoramic Vision and Revelation of the Divine Pattern of the Universe, given to me by Yahweh-Elohim, which I have expounded upon, through charts and writings to my associates which in turn has qualified them to detect, identify, and to prove the existence of Yahweh, and the Satanic Mystery of Iniquity, and to trace the Mark of the Beast from its origin to its final conclusion, the Lake of Fire.
This is a more comprehensible elucidation of the first and probably the last manuscript that I will write in my lifetime, as pertaining to Yahweh and His Ultimate Purpose which has functioned down through the past and the present Dispensations and Ages, and will continue to operate through the Dispensations and Ages yet to come.
This great and powerfully psychological experience, the Vision, revealed Yahweh-Elohim to me for the first time in my life; revealed Him as He really EXISTS, being the ONE and ONLY UNIVERSAL SPIRIT and ARCHETYPAL PATTERN OF THE UNIVERSE. In presenting and explaining this stupendous “Vision and Revelation” to you, the reader, I presume that YOU are honest, sincere and earnest in your extensive and intensified search for the TRUE YAHWEH OF THE UNIVERSE. I further assume, that you, like millions of other human beings in every walk of life throughout the world, truly want to KNOW YAHWEH our ELOHIM as He really IS and as He ACTUALLY EXISTS. Our only purpose in writing this book is to try to help you FIND and KNOW Yahweh our Elohim for your own personal satisfaction and consolation.