A Universal Principle
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The Universal Pattern is like a measuring rod to be use for learning about how the Unity of the Spirit or Heavenly Nature of Yahweh actually exists and functions.
Knowledge in the bible may be more correctly understood by using the pattern as a principle or standard; thus giving us a way to be consistent in how we handle the knowledge to explain and clarify the meaning  of thoughts, activities and events as they show the works of Yahweh and His purpose.

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These diagrams are for the viewer to see how knowledge from the scriptures is related to the threefold pattern principle. By becoming familiar with this application of the pattern, a learner can develop the ability to recognize the systematic way the creator has organized and arranged things and events. 


In this diagram Pure spirit is demonstrated as having three different states of existence, but it is always the same pure spirit substance in all three states.  That means pure spirit (one substance) never changes, but within itself it appears in two different forms:  a spiritual form and a physical form.  This shows why there can be no trinity concept, because there is only one Pure Spirit no matter how many manifestation (spirit and physical formations).









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